‘Magnetic Wallpaper?System for Office and Display Walls


Magnetic Wallpaper
Our Magnetic Wallpaper System has been developed in conjunction with a number of our Blue Chip Architect and Display clients. Their brief was to produce a material that could be hung like wallpaper and allow either a portion of, or a complete wall, to be covered with a ‘metal' surface less than 1mm thick and be available in various colours. Ideally, this material would then be used in conjunction with a type of magnet that would: look smart, be as small and unobtrusive as possible, but still be strong enough to easily hold A1 plans, posters, photographs, A4 information sheets, etc. onto the wall.


The solution we have developed consists of a unique ‘steel rubber?blend of material, which is like a heavy wallpaper (approx. 0.7mm thick). We supply this in adhesive backed, pre cut ‘tiles?which are 780mm long x 585mm wide. Customers can order a multiple of tiles (minimum 3), which are then applied to the wall like wallpaper. If necessary, the material can be trimmed to a smaller size with a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife. For applying posters etc., to the surface, we supply a range of our ‘high energy magnets? which are very powerful and have a stylish finish.

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