Magnetic Holding and Clamping Systems

Holding Magnets

Magnapads consist of a powerful ferrite magnet with a steel back plate bonded to its reverse face. The steel back plate features either a mounting thread or mounting holes to allow easy fixing to other objects. The magnetic face itself has a latex rubber ‘cast?around it to prevent scratching of steel objects and give excellent ‘anti-slip?properties.

They are ideal for holding ‘taxi?and other signs to vehicle roofs, fixing display boards / paintings onto metal office partitions and applying signs / moveable lights to steel work.

Ferrite Pot Holding Magnets with Counter Sunk Centre Mounting Hole

These consist of a ferrite ring magnet set into a steel ‘cup?so as to ‘focus?all the magnetic energy out of the exposed ‘working face?of the magnet.

They can be used for the application of any object to steel ceilings / gantries etc and the fixing of machinery guards to allow rapid removal for servicing / repair etc.

All holding and clamping magnets are made from Grade 2 Anisoferrite material.

Dimensions Product Code Holds (Kg) Mounting System
79 mm x 53 mm x 12 mm Magnapad 1 9 Stud ?M6 x 16 mm
75 mm x 39 mm x 12 mm Magnapad 2 3 Holes 2 x 3mm
100 mm x 39 mm x 12 mm Magnapad 3 6.5 Holes 2 x 3mm
127 mm x 102 mm x 12 mm Magnapad 4 22 Stud ?M6 x 16 mm
Ferrite Pot Holding Magnets with Counter Sunk Centre Mounting Hole
16 ?OD x 3.2 ?ID x 4.5 G2AF-16/3.2/4.5P 1.8 N/A
20 ?OD x 4.2 ?ID x 6 G2AF-20/4.2/6P 2.7 N/A
25 ?OD x 5.5 ?ID x 7 G2AF-25/5.5/7P 3.6 N/A
32 ?OD x 5.5 ?ID x 7 G2AF-32/5.5/7P 7.2 N/A
40 ?OD x 5.5 ?ID x 8 G2AF-40/5.5/8P 9.0 N/A
50 ?OD x 8.5 ?ID x 10 G2AF-50/8.5/10P 18 N/A
63 ?OD x 6.5 ?ID x 14 G2AF-63/6.5/14P 29 N/A
90 ?OD x 10 ?ID x 12 G2AF-90/10/12P 60 N/A
General Tolerances: ?0.15mm
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