Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets
Promotional (Printed) Magnets

These are generally magnetic rubber business cards or self adhesive backed magnetic rubber strips which can be applied to the reverse of printed leaflets.

Business Cards
These offer a high quality / professional card that is made of flexible magnetic rubber to the same size / shape as a business card or a credit card. They have a coloured vinyl face (of your choice) with 1 or 2 colours printed onto it. They are a very cost effective way of keeping your name directly in front of your customer without getting ‘lost’ in a business card holder along with everybody else. They are not cheap but give you the ultimate exposure. (NB: Bespoke sizes / shapes can be made to your requirements)

Magna-Tape (s/a magnetic rubber strip) and Steel-Tape (s/a)

This offers a very cost-effective way of turning a business card or printed business leaflet into a magnetic version. It can be supplied as a metreage length – which is easily cut with scissors - or can be pre-guillotined to your required length on orders over 1000 pieces.

It comes in 3 widths; 13mm, 20mm and 25mm and can be supplied with a self adhesive tape or a self adhesive foam backing – depending on the nature of the surface it is being applied to.

Steel tape (s/a) to allow magnetic tape to be applied to non steel surfaces (13mm/20mm).

Magna – Paper
This magnetic ‘paper’ can be put through an inkjet printer and as such, offers customers a simple way of manufacturing their own magnetic business cards / magnetic labelling systems / fridge magnets etc - the material is easily cut up using a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife and a straight edge.

Magnets for Fridge Collectables

If you are a manufacturer of fridge collectables selling at retail outlets / craft fairs etc., we sell the magnets to go on the reverse of your products to hold them onto the fridge. There are 2 options.

1) Magna-Tape / Sheet – magnetic rubber tape /sheet (self adhesive backed) – this is ideally suited to lighter, thinner objects – e.g. wood or plastic designs up to 6mm thick –see promotional magnets for details.

2) Disc Magnets – higher powered ferrite disc magnets (grey coloured) – better suited to heavier objects e.g. Plaster of Paris. Various sizes available. These can be bonded to the back of your products using a suitable adhesive (e.g. epoxy resin).