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‘Clear Beer' - Beer Line Treatment Magnet

‘Clear Beer' - Beer Line Treatment Magnets

The use of magnets to treat liquids has been around for over 60 years. Indeed, during the Second World War the fuel lines on Spitfires had magnets placed on them to assist with cleaner running of the engines! Since then, magnets have been used to treat water pipes, fuel lines, gas lines, and various other liquids, including beer.

How It Works

The magnetic field applied to the liquid through the wall of the pipe has an ‘ionisation' effect on the liquid. This makes it harder for any particles in the liquid to stick to each other or to the inside of the pipe. In the case of beer these particles are yeast, oxalates, and sugars. As the ClearBeer magnets make it harder for these to ‘build up' within the beer lines, they dramatically reduce the number of cleaning operations required per year.

Magnet Information

Over the past 15 years a number of new magnetic materials have been developed with much stronger ‘energy' levels than previously available. These magnets in turn have made the treatment of liquids much more successful than before.

Clear Beer Magnets
Our units incorporate these latest ‘high energy' magnets which will ensure effective treatment of the beer. Please remember, we are a ‘Magnet Manufacturer' NOT a ‘Marketing Company'. This means we know what we are talking about and do not try to baffle our customers with ‘sales hype'!!.

Our magnets are encased in a durable plastic housing which is about 100mm (4? long x 25mm (1? wide (see photos below). The casing features a channel running down the centre, which will accommodate a line up to 15mm (5/8? in diameter. The magnet is placed onto the line as it exits the barrel / keg and is quickly and easily locked in place with a cable tie.


Using the Clear Beer magnets will typically extend the beer line cleaning frequency from once per week to approximately once every two to three weeks (the timing will not be the same in every pub and will vary depending on cellar temperature, beer usage, etc.). As any publican knows the cost of cleaning out beer lines is a combination of: chemical cost, cleaning time and, most importantly, the 'wasted' beer that is flushed through the lines after cleaning.

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